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Hole by Hole Information

Hole 1 – Par 4 – 320m

Relatively short opening hole with a slight dog leg to the right. Large numbers can be avoided by staying clear of the horse stables (OOB) and green side bunker which are both on the right side.

Pro Tip: The best tee shot is one positioned in the left centre of the fairway, bigger hitters may want to start with a 3 wood which should give a full wedge for the second shot.

Men’s Index 15 – Ladies Index 16

 Hole 2 – Par 4 – 350m

Middle distance Par 4 with another slight dog leg from left to right. Dense trees to the right must be avoided, as well as the cross water that can come into play about 70m from the tee. Anything that hits the big tree on the right near the bridge drops in!

Pro Tip: Down the left centre again is the shot here, the safest play off the tee is to aim at the flag on the 16th green in the foreground. Pars come from the left side and the middle, the high numbers come from the right.

Men’s Index 9 – Ladies Index 11

 Hole 3 – Par 5 -501m

Longest hole on the course. Another dog leg from leg to right off the tee with the fairway then running straight up inline to the green which slopes from back to front. The second and third shots are risk and reward with a sneaky hazard crossing the fairway just 50m from the green.

Pro Tip: The best shot here is a fade off the left, a lay up just shy of the water then a wedge into the green, your dead as a door nail long of the green and OOB comes into play on the right.

Men’s Index 4 – Ladies Index 6

 Hole 4 – Par 3 – 138m

A solid par 3 that warrants a good tee shot even with the short distance. Bunker on the right and water long and left. Big scores can be made here

Pro Tip: Keeping the ball straight here is the key, short is the miss or slightly left. Be careful of the green also most putts of this green break more than once.

Men’s Index 8 – Ladies Index 13

 Hole 5 – Par 4 – 358m

Tough par 4 with trees both sides and OOB far right. Yet again a slight Dog leg from left to right with some low hanging pepper corn trees down the left that come into play if you pull your tee shot.

Pro Tip: Down the left with a fade is the play again here which for the average golfer should leave a 7/6 iron into the green, just left or short of the green is the miss long is no good once again.

Men’s Index 2 – Ladies Index 1

 Hole 6 – Par 3 – 183m

Longest par 3 on the course and a par here is always good! Bunkers right of the green and a drop off long. Overhanging trees down the right of the fairway and trees just to the left of the tee that can come into play with a poor tee shot.

Pro Tip: Hit it straight! A left miss is ok, a right side miss is penalising. Get your 2 stableford points here and move on.

Men’s Index 6 – Ladies Index 15

 Hole 7 – Par 4 – 318m

Hard dog leg from right to left protected by a huge box gum in the middle of the fairway that’s 180m of the tee. The second shot takes as 60* turn to the left with the green somewhat guarded by a bunch of dense pines short left of the green.

Pro Tip: A 3 wood or long iron straight at the tree with a draw is the play here, presuming you don’t hit it you should be left with between 130m-100m into the green that has a sneaky drop off at the front and a tough green to putt on. Pro’s from the Pro am struggle here every year.

Men’s Index 13 – Ladies Index 9

 Hole 8 – Par 5 – 468m

Double dog leg par 5 one of the more interesting holes on the course. Another Box Gum in the middle of the fairway about 200m off the tee, the holes then swings right up to the 100m marker where it swings back to the left and straight at the green that has a bunker on the right. One of very few double dog leg holes in existence.

Pro Tip: Many a golf pro has had his/her colours lowered by this hole. The way to play it is a tee shot just left of the big tree then a lay up to just inside the 100m marker keeping away from trees left and right before leaving a wedge into the green.

Men’s Index 11 – Ladies Index 4

 Hole 9 – Par 4 – 311m

Relatively short par 4 with a dog leg from right to left 190m off the tee will get you to equal with the peppercorn tree on the left that markers the start of the dog leg left. OOB right is no good and thick trees left off the tee.

Pro Tip: Your 200m club of the tee is needed here, find the fairway and get yourself 100m in which to the green a reasonably easy shot.

Men’s Index 17 – Ladies Index 7

 Hole 10 – Par 4 – 300m

Easiest and shortest par 4 on the course, slight dog leg left to right with trees up the left and a row of trees up the right separating the 10th and 18th fairways. Green is guarded by a few mounds short and left of the green.  

Pro Tip: Down the left with a fade is the play here and will leave you a easy shot to the green assuming the pin is not tucked right at the front. A purposeful block out onto the 18th fairway can work here as well.

Men’s Index 18 – Ladies Index 12

 Hole 11 – Par 4 – 328m

Solid par 4 with a slight dog leg up toward the green. The water crossing the fairway is about 270m off the tee for the bigger hitters to worry about. Tree’s both sidesand some salt bushes and a big dam on the right. A 2 tier green can be tough to negotiate depending on the pin position.

Pro Tip: Try for left centre off the tee again here which should leave you a wedge or mid iron into a tough green, just ensure you’re on the right tier! Smaller hitters need to lay up short of the water on the 2nd shot.

Men’s Index 7 – Ladies Index 2

 Hole 12 – Par 4 – 342m

Very tough par 4 with water running up the right the whole way that comes into play with an errant tee shot right, dense trees the whole way up the left as well. A historically firm green is something to take into consideration!

Pro Tip: A little fade off the trees up the left is the go here and a good drive should leave you with a 7 iron or less in. Avoid the tree at all costs and be careful not to bite off more than you can chew coming into the green as its generally firm and long is no good!

Men’s Index 3 – Ladies Index 14

 Hole 13 – Par 3 – 138m

Tricky little par 3 with a pot bunker that shapes around the front and to the right of the green claiming many victims over its life. The green also drops off to the left. Giving yourself a putt for Par here ideal.

Pro Tip: Take enough club to carry the bunker no matter where the pin is. Slight left isn’t a bad miss and should leave you with enough green to get up and down.

Men’s Index 12 – Ladies Index 17

 Hole 14 – Par 5 – 448m

THAT BLOODY PINE TREE! A dog leg off the tee from right to left brings the big pin tree into play about 80m off the tee, with players having to steer their ball just right of it or bomb it over the top. Once past the tree its relatively straight forward but be careful of the water that comes into play on the right from about 80m out.

Pro Tip: Solid tee shot needed here! Once past the pine tree a good shot left of centre is the go avoiding the water that’s about 80m out on the right should leave you with a short wedge into the green. The strong hitters should get home for two!

Men’s Index 16 – Ladies Index 5

 Hole 15 – Par 3 – 145m

2 mounds guard the front of the green here which leaves an often blind shot where you can only see the top half of the pin. A dam sits in waiting for your ball about 30m off the tee on the right and runs up the right until about 30m out from the green. A generous green!

Pro Tip: A good shot between the middle of the mounds will leave you not far away depending on the pin. Then get it down in 2 from there for a straight forward par.

Men’s Index 14 – Ladies Index 18

 Hole 16 – Par 4 – 382m

Index 1 and for a reason. A long tough par 4 with trees in the front right protecting the dogleg. These trees have caused many FRATS over the years. The fairway is open out to the left but this will leave you with longer shot into the green as the hole shapes from left to right.

Pro Tip: A fade off the left here is perfect and will hopefully get you with at least a long iron in your hand into the green. Short or slightly right is the safest miss here with a long skinny green that slopes from back to front, over the green is dead. Play for a 2 pointer.

Men’s Index 1 – Ladies Index 10

 Hole 17 – Par 5 – 454m

A big dam on the right about 170m off the tee comes into play more often than not and it runs all the way up the right to the water crossing which is 300m off the tee. Trees run down the left of the hole as well making the fairway the only place to be. A layup short of the water will leave you 160m to the green. After the water there is another dam on the right and dense trees on the left leading up to the mound just before the green.

Pro Tip: Tee shot down the left is the play here and then a solid shot down the middle to right side of the fairway will give you the best angle into the green for your 3rd.

Men’s Index 10 – Ladies Index 3

 Hole 18 – Par 4 – 340m

Lots of trees both sides that creep into the fairway and will block out your second shot. The 1st and 10th fairways run parallel to the 18th with a row of trees separating them all. A bunker just left of the green is trouble and OOB long also!

Pro Tip: A draw up the right is the play here taking the big gum tree on the left out of play. A good leave is anything from the 150m marker in which leaves a good line into the big green. Avoid a 3 putt to finish.   

Men’s Index 5 – Ladies Index 8